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Hello all. I decided last year I was going to get FUE hair transplant. Being in the US I consulted a few pretty famous clinics to get a better understanding and ultimately a price. Being a younger person money was definitely an issue. So I decided to put the idea on the back burner and research more. After thinking about it for around a year and finding out the success people found in Turkey I decided to pursue a Turkish clinic.

I ended up deciding on Transes. Everything about them was actually pleasantly surprising. I knew for a much better/lower price I could be sacrificing something along the way. Whether that be comfort, logistics, possible quality. I prepared myself for many scenarios. After many annoying emails to Bora their international coordinator I finally booked my trip and he made all the arrangements for me. All the logistics went smooth. Meeting Bora and starting the procedure was nerve wracking and you didn’t meet your doctor/techs until right when they started. This scared me a bit but in the end the whole process went very well.

Their staff was very enjoyable, even had a few good laughs with the staff and another patient. I’m about a week after the procedure and it’s looking great and healing very well. The costs was 1690€ in case anyone was wondering. Everything was awesome. I could go into a ton of detail which I may later but for now I will say everything they offered in their bundle was accurate and there was no surprises. For the cost so far it is quite unbeatable.


I am from portugal and I was full of fear of going to a completely different country to do the hair transplant. But as soon as I began to speak with the Mr. Bora, I was completely at ease and full of confidence, for the security he imparted to me. Everything went as planned, they treated me very very well. Are an extremely professional and competent team. Could not be more pleased with the work they did. Thank you very much.


I am really happy about my operation I got 4000 grafts my operation takes 8 hours All the stuff is really good.They make me to feel safe and patient The team was very good and 4 peaple work just for my operation ı choıse transet because for all the good revıew ı sawe , and after ı contact Mr. Bora was very nice people and very happy to be with Transes My hotel was really good I recomend definitly Transes Clinic for everbady and when I return back to France I will recomend to all my frend You have done good job Have a nice day


I will definitely recommend Transes to my friends later on

I had 5000 FUE transplant done Feb 2016 and very pleased with the recovery result so far. I was provided airport pickup and drop off hotel stay for two nights and have to say it was very pleasant trip. All the team of transes were very pleasant.My cordinator Bora is really good . Transes

vlinic was something I foind online after reading some review and took a shot at it .Being in a different country I was a lilttle skepticle but my cordinator Bora is very good and he told me me that he will arrange everything and he did .I was picked up at the airport and dropped off to Hilton then picked up next day for procedure at 11am the Transes team stayed extra late till 10pm to finish up my procedure.My doctor was very nice friendly and so was the staff.

I was dropped off to the hotel then picked up next day for a session at clinic and later dropped of to the airport ..I am very very pleased I chose Transes Clinic for my procedure and will give them 10 out of 10


I just had a hair transplant few days back at Transist. I had a bald front and crown areas. I had 5000 FUE transplanted in one session. I am really impressed to have that many FUEs but the team at Transist made an excellent effort during the seasion that lasted 10 hours! But it’s worth it because I dont need to come back for a second session. The clinic was referred to me by a friend and I am glad I took his advice.

On the daua of the procedure the team were very keen to make me well informed about my case. What I like the most is their integrity and the fact that they “under promise and over deliver“ The clinic was very clean and organized and the staff were smiling and friendly even though we didn’t speak the same language. The logistics were seamless, the hotel was a good choice. I definitely recommend Transes to anyone who is looking for first class and price competitive hair transplant.


Everything as it was mentioned in the first conversation with Transes is the same.The fixed price 1590 Euro including hotel stay for two nights including pick and drop from airport to hote,hotel to clinic and hotel to airport,no one asked for more money. We are two people from United Kingdom done our transplant. Highley recommended for any body considering for hair transplant.I will update my progress and old photos in few days and will keep updating the hair progress as well. Excellent clinic with excellent and professional and caring staff


I have had a hair transplant because my hair line was declining and after the treatment I received – I have recommended a friend to do it too. The price is very reasonable (1890$) and relatively low in comparison with other clinics, but the value is phenomenal. I initially chose Transes because of the high number of 5-star reviews for it in whatclinic.com.

Patient Coordinator explained the whole procedure: from picking me up at the airport- to the pre and post hair transplant care and procedures. The clinic was very clean and the operation itself went very smoothly without any pain (except for the two anesthesia injections – 3-4 painful minutes in total). 13 days after the operation and everything is going according to plan. Hopefully I’ll start seeing the results in a few months.


I contacted TRANSES to have a Hair Transplant and I was confirmed to have a transplant of around 5000 crafts with the FUE Technic. I confirmed with them the date, it was quite easy, and during these period since I confirmed until I went there, I was sending them ,any questions and they were kind enough to answer all and each of them not leaving any open point. It is true that I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and the results are not yet final ones but all the things they were telling me that it would happen have been happening so far and, again, all doubts that I had after the surgery.


I am 31 years old. I have been suffering hair loss. I chose Transes based on the reviews. The service was very good. I had over 4000 grafts transplanted. the team was friendly and helpful. I think I will need another 2700-3000 to increase the density and completely cover my baldness because I was getting very bald. Happy to see my donor area completely recovered after 6 months excellent

Sharif Jordon

I heard a lot of good reviews about this place but honestly it was way more then my expectations. They deliver more then what they promise. They normally pay for 2 night stay. I my case they paid for 3 nights and they transplanted extra hairs on my request on the same price which clearly means that for them client’s satisfaction is more important then money Very clean and hygienic place.

Staff is very friendly and professional. They know what they are doing. I am glad that I went to this place. They made me feel like a part of a family. Recommend this place to everyone. All you have to do is get to the airport. Driver will be waiting for you outside. After that point you don’t have to worry about anything. They will handle the rest. 100 stars


I had my hair transplant on 31/10/2016 and l’m very happy. During the operation everything was fine without any pain. For the first week l had a bit pain during sleep time and after that everything backed to normal.l just have to thanks all the very professional and friendly staff that working there. I found the clinic very modern and clean with most beautiful people around. They are all helpful and friendly and l’m very glad to met this people.


Hair Transplant Fue Technique. My friend recommend me this clinic I have contact to Mr. Bora and he organize hotel and transportation I was originally from Afghanistan, but I live in the UK They take me to clinic and informed me about prosses frankly, It met my expectations MicroFUE 2 days Hotel accommodation + all your transfers +medications+ blood tests + shampoo was included They transplant 4000 grafts to my head. It has been ten days now I am Waiting for my results Impatiently I would recommend Transes Clinic all of my friends around me. I really appreciate for your team.


Hair Transplant „Good experience“ I am from Saudi Arabia and looking for a good place for FUE hair transplant. When I contacted Transes Hair Transplant center, they offered me maximum number of grafts with a quite good price. His name is Bora Coordinator of clinic and he was really helpful to me and gave me more information. I had my treatment and all transfers hotel shampoo blood test was included and they planted 4100 grafts.

The doctor and team were all nice and helpful. I had travel to historical place to see wonderful city When I had my first washing the doctor gave all the instructions for after care. The clinic located in near to Ataturk Airport. The hotel is also very close to clinic. so it was clean and really good place to do hair transpland. Transes team was really professional and have done good job thank you . I will definitely recommend to all my friends


Fantastic experience O came to istanbul to visit historical place I find them on whatclinic my choice was another clinic but MR. Bora gave me lots of enquire about hair transplant he is professional and they know Whats they are doing. The clinic is a perfect place to get treatment done and near to Airport. My hair transplant has been done yesterday and I fill nothing. My friend wants to do it but first he wants to see my result but I have trust them. The service of clinic was excellent I would like to say thank you Mostafa driver mr. Bora coordinator and other Mostafa on operation guy. I really appreciate all of Transes team, recommend to all of my friends. I am happy and looking to see good result…


I was looking for hair transplant in istanbul and my brother suggest this clinic because his frined has done hair transplant and get good results. I found they number Mr Bora told me to send a pictures of my hair after that he has got all my responsibility. He arrange me a car to pick me up from airport. The driver Mr Mustafa was a funny guy then Mr. Bora has ring me to gave me a information about what to wear on the operation time. in the morning they took me to clinic and gave me more information about prosess.

The prosedure was took nearly 8 hours and I have seen that they were doing hair transplant very carefully you felt a little pain while they were doing a local anesthesia then you don’t feel any pain on the prosess.Finaly they gave me medicine and explanin me to how to use them and olsa told me that to come to clinic next they to show me how to wash my hair. Dr told me 4000 grefts they have implanted.

The clinic was clean and all the people were really nice and kind. I will definitely recommend Transes to my friends later on I am just waiting to past 6 months to see my hair growing. I will add more pictures. You have done good job guys Best Regards from Adrian.


My partner received the hair transplant treatment at this clinic. We are very pleased with the treatment received. An excellent service was provided. The staff were very helpful . It was very informative. The staff were very professional. There were no hidden costs. I would recommend your clinic to family and friends. A big thank you. And well done to all the team.


I went for the FuE Hairtranslant with an amount of 4900 grafts.
The Team of Bora as the coordinator and Dr.Erkan, Ibrahim and Mustafa as the team for the procedure are by far the best organized team i have seen for a long time.
Everybody is very knowleadagbe and was very caring about my questions. They work hard and dedicated, what is very calming, to know You work with the best. I study dentistry myself and understand the background knowledge they brought to their work, i have high respect for their high standars (Superb), it has been 3 days later now and I feel already like a new Man and happier than ever, it could not look more natural or better than that. Thank You:)

I first saw a friend who got his hair done by the same team, and i was blown away by the good results. So i contacted their international Coordinator Bora and he was very good in explaining and organizing everything in detail. They even have a driver ready for Your needs 24/7 he drove us everywhere and picked us up from everywhere we wanted to be, we even went shooping and he was very helpful.
The overall rate is best ever, they are super organized and professional, from the first moment until the last implanted graft and still now, with all my whats app questions, their service is outstanding.


More than what I bargained for. A super friendly staff, excellent communication, fast reacting young doctors. Just one thing; if you’re going for tourism and the operation, enjoy your time in the city first before the FUE procedure.


Because they they are really honest and professional
I am very pleased to chose this clinic
Coordinator of clinic Mr Bora he organize everthing for me servise was good from start to finish and did a very professional job.

They were work maximum I know my donor area was not so good and they took 4000 grafts I really happy

Clinic was clean driver took me from airport and drop me back
Istanbul is great city to visit

Thank you so much for all :)