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Aesthetics After Birth

Aesthetics After Birth

Doğum Sonrası Estetik - TransestThe most beautiful expectancy of your life is over and at the end; you have taken your sweet baby in your lap. When the baby is rapidly growing, you begin to look at yourself in the mirror. However, what you see does not make you happy. Deformation in the breasts, abdominal sagging, cracks, and regional adiposity in the waist, legs and hips, the stains formed on the face during pregnancy…. Table looks like a bit pessimistic, but not hopeless.





The most preferred aesthetic operations of new mothers admitted to our clinic can be grouped under the following headings ;

a) Mastopexy (Breast lift surgery)

b) Tummy tuck

c) Liposuction

What happens during the surgery ?

In the mastopexy, sagging skin that lost its elasticity is removed, and also some suspensors and stacking sutures are placed in order to give shape and form to the mammary gland. If the dark area(areola) around the nipple is large, it can be narrowed down by this surgery. In addition, if the mammary glands get smaller and become empty of it after pregnancy, the silicone breast implants can be placed at the bottom of the chest muscle under the mammary gland and volume and tension the breast can be increased during the mastopexy process.

In the tummy tuck surgery, the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue up to the belly button is removed in its entirety in the form of an ellipse by a cut made under the bikini line. The skin over the belly buton is freed and pulled down until the level of the rib bones. Collector sutures are put over the loose muscles and the abdominal wall membranes (facia) on the muscles, and abdominal wall is tightened. Belly button is kept in the same place, and it is sewn to a new belly button opened from the tightened abdominal skin. In addition, the tightened abdominal skin is sewn to the cut under the bikini line as three layers. During this operation, the liposuction is generally done to the waist edges.

In the liposuction surgery, the most important development in recent years is an application of a method called “Wet Technique”. By “Wet Technique” method, the period after surgery becomes very comfortable for patient, and the results obtained are much more successful. In the wet technique method, 2, 3 and 4 mm diameter cannules are used. Serums with adrenaline of drugs and local anesthetics that reduce bleeding are injected into the regions that oil will be absorbed, so that the oils in these regions are absorbed easier with bloodless way. The use of small diameter cannula minimizes the possibility of bad situations after the surgery. Liposuction surgery can be also done with local anesthesia.

Operation Time

Mastopexy and tummy tuck surgeries last for 2.5-3 hours in average; liposuction surgery lasts for 1-3 hours depending on the width of the area. After the operation, the patient is usually discharged after a few hours from patient`s reanimation.

Healing process after surgery ;

After the mastopexy operation, patients use an elastic brassiere in the form of sports bra during a month, and then they can easily return to work and to their daily activities within a few days.  After tummy tuck operation, you should be careful not to create a tension on the line of sutures on the abdomen. Therefore, it is recommended that the patients should bend while walking, not sleep in an upright position for several days after the surgery.

After liposuction surgery, elastic corsets should be fitted to the region operated for 2-3 weeks. Thus, the skin can be adapted to its new place more smoothly.

After mastopexy and tummy tuck surgeries, dressing is made at intervals of 3- 4 days in average, he self- soluble sutures are removed.

Bruises that may occur after the operations are completely removed within 3-4 weeks, edema and swelling are removed in 2-3 months.

Do scars remain after surgery?

Scars are composed after every surgery. These scars are reddish in first months, and then they are becoming less visible by becoming white and softening over time.