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goz-kapagi-estetigi-2With advancing age and the effect of the gravity, skin loosening, excess of skin, and sagging occur on the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, and in addition, bagginess may occur with herniation of fatty tissue especially on the lower eyelid to the front. This condition causes the deformity of the aesthetic appearance, and also may prevent that person`s ability of seeing by closing the front of the eye with the upper eyelids that have been become saggy.


Age of Operation

In general, it is applied to people who are over the age of 30, and sagging and aneurysm has occurred in their upper and lower eyelids.

Interview before Surgery

In the interview, firstly, your current complaints and your expectations after surgery are evaluated. According to one’s current complaints, operation can be made for only the upper eyelid, or the lower eyelid, or both of them at the same time.

Operation Technique

With the aesthetic eyelid operation, the excess of the skin is taken, and the membrane in front of herniated adipose tissue is strengthened. If necessary, excess of the fat mass is taken. By this way, both a beautiful view is obtained, and it is provided that people have the comfortable sight. The operation is performed by entering to the bend line in the upper eyelid from just below the lashes in the lower eyelid, so that the surgery scars are not obvious and remains hidden. The operation is performed in hospital conditions under the supervision of anesthesiologists and in the operating room.

Type of Anesthesia

Intravenous sedation method (anaesthetizing through the veins) may be preferred with general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Operation Time

The operation of the upper eyelid lasts for about 40 minutes and the operations of the lower eyelid lasts for about 1 hour.

Healing Process

Its possible to go home at the same day. The early period after operation is generally comfortable. Swelling may occur around the eyes. Sutures are removed after 3-7 days. Operation gives better results. People can return to work after 5 days. If the person uses contact enses, she/he can wear it after a week. After the third week, you begin to become aware better and enjoy the new shape that the operation gave to your face.