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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

gogus-kilindan-sac-ekimi Successful developments are achieved in hair transplant using body, chest hair and hair from legs and arms. This method is preferred when the recipient site is wide and donor site is not sufficient.

FUE technique is used with this procedure. However, structure of body hair and hair on the scalp is different.


Body hair is curly. In case of body hair transplant, hair grows in accordance with the original structure but after a few years, it adapts to the recipient area and takes up characteristics of that area.

Planned extraction can be performed first from the back of the scalp and then from the chest, external arm and shoulder areas depending on the size of the recipient area.

Grafts extracted from the back of the scalp and the body are distributed in proportion with the recipient area. If grafts are not distributed as such, the hair that grows after operation does not have a nice appearance. Natural appearance will be achieved when hair adapt to the hair structure in the recipient area.

However, the number of grafts that can be extracted from the body is limited. High level of attention must be paid while planning this operation.