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Breast Surgery

The female breast is the most protruded portion in the body to the front. For this reason, it is highly affected from the gravity that is responsible for aging effects. Hormonal changes and imbalances showing its effect at various stages of womens` life lead to sagging of the breast tissue. Breast sagging and breast roundup are fixed by the breast mastopexy. These operations are generally called as “mastopexy” in medical terminology. Excessive expansion of early breast occurs with sagging, and in this case, it is retreated to the normal range in early in life during the mastopexy.

gogus-estetigiIf we will be summarized the reasons that lead to the breast sagging;

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Gaining and losing weight frequently
  • Ageing
  • Gravity
  • Your general body structure and genetic heritage
  • Hormonal factors and hormone drugs etc.


When we look at the reasons mentioned below, it is clear that each woman will face up with the breast sagging problem with varying degrees in a period of her life. Today’s poor nutrition conditions, gaining and losing weight frequently increase the prevalence of sagging, cellulite, and stretch marks in women. Increasing quality life expectancy in women and changing the concept of middle age has increased the frequency of these types of surgeries.

Are You A Sauitable  Canditate For Breast Surgery and Breast Mastopexy ?

Breast roundup process does not change the size of breast significantly, or not make plump the upper parts that get vacant because of sagging. However, breasts can be both large and saggy. If your breasts are saggy and empty of it, you should necessarily consider the enlargement process. If they are large, reduction surgery can be done with the breast mastopexy.

If the following conditions are applicable to you, you may think about breast roundup surgery and breast mastopexy ;

  • If you maintain a stable weight and you are physically healthy
  • If you are going to stop or reduce smoking
  • If you have realistic expectations
  • If your breast is sagging, has deformation of its shape and has become empty of it
  • If your breast has flattening and elongation, or it is hanging on breast-wall by a pedicle
  • If your nipple is in a level below of the through under the breast
  • If your nipples are pointing down
  • If you have loose skin and enlarged nipples
  • If your one breast is at a lower level than your other breast

Is Trackless Surgery Possible ?

It is possible in the appropriate cases well chosen. For this, there are two different approaches. First one of them is to strengthen the breast bonds attracting the charge with the implanted support material. In this method, it can be combined with fat transfer from your own body, if the enlargement is required. Thus, you will also provide shaping of your body in the region where there is accumulation of excess fat.

The above-mentioned method is often preferred in Japan, Korea and China due to racial characteristics and it is called as the procedure of “scaffolding mastopexy”. The second method is the process which the stretching of “fascia” hold the breast bonds by entering from the armpit. It is used in moderate level of sagging that is not required the enlargement. If you want to get more information about these new methods you can apply for a consultation.

What should you be avoided after the surgery?

In particular, you should pay attention to arm movement, you should not carry weight, be avoided push-pull movements. Patients should especially avoid situations required reflexes such as driving a car. After surgery, a rest for one week, avoiding strenuous work would be better.

Can Women who think giving birth in the future make this operation? Of course, they can make. However, they should know the sagging may occur again.

Is breast implants removed in the case comes to pregnancy ?

Breast implants can be removed whenever it is desired. However, the removal is not necessary during pregnancy. The Breast implants are placed on the back of the breast tissue, not into it. So it does not affect the breast tissue. In the examinations of breast, for example, in mammography, the breast implant may be made difficult to examine a bit. Mammography should be performed and evaluated by an experienced specialist in this regard.

When can we see the results?

Results can be seen immediately. If a lolipop-style incision is used, improvement of breast will find 3 months exactly. The shape will become more apparent over time, and bruising an swelling in the early stages will become lost and the surgery scars will disappear.

Early Recovery Period

After completion of the operation, a special dressing and bandage is applied. In early recovery period, a promoter medical bras is used in order to prevent the swelling and edema for 6-8 weeks. If the drains have been used, they are taken between 1 and 3 days. Generally, a simple pain reliever and oral antibiotics are sufficient. At the end of the first week, you can return to work and your social life. The process of changing your dressing and your controls are set specially for you.

Late Recovery Period

Breast shape and position is continue to form within 2-3 months following the operation. As mentioned above, the scars will get into the process of disappearing. The persistence of Mastopexy results are long-term. But this situation will be affected from your aging process and gaining and taking your weight. Therefore, we recommend you to maintain your healthy life style and maintain your weight in terms of overall breast health.