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Face Lifting – Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Face Lifting – Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

yuz-estetigi-transestFace lifting (rhytidoplasty) is a surgical method in order to eliminate sagging, wrinkles due to aging by stretching and hanging in the face. However, in recent years, all operations for aging in the face have become known under the name of facial rejuvenation. While people are getting older, the facial skin becomes sagging, wrinkled, and several stains and irregularities occur on it due to years, solar radiation, daily stress and other factors( smoking, drinking, poor diet).

In and old facial skin, forehead lines have become apparent, the eyebrows have fallen, eyelids have become sagging, the bags and lines under the eyes have formed, deep lines around the mouth-nose area have formed, the cheeks have become sagging, the chin contour has disappeared, neck has become oiled, and layers of skin have formed. Also, skin has lost its vitality, the sunspots and other moles have formed on it, it has become thin and wrinkled.

Face lift surgery, the one of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery procedures is also called “facelift” or “rhytidectomy” with the statement from English. With face lift- facial rejuvenation surgeries, irregularities and sagging of the forehead, face and neck skin are removed, excess fat tissue is removed from cheed and neck; the face fascia and fat tissue are placed to their anatomical location, the facial tissues are reinforced, eyelids are corrected and other complementary operations can be done( such as skin-peeling, fillers and Botox)

Who is A Good Candidate for This Surgery?

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery are those who the skin has started to sag, but not lost its elasticity, have not had any other health problems. Generally, this surgery is applied for men and women over the age of 40. However, at the earlier age, this kind of surgeries can be done as full or limited due to structural and genetic reasons.

During the facelift surgery, the aesthetics of the nose and eyelids, forehead correction, and eyebrow lift surgeries can be also added in order to make the nose more beautiful and younger. Injection of the fillers or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) for fine wrinkles ( oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.), and Botox for wrinkles can be done.

What Are The Sign Of Aging On The Facial Skin?

Deformations and signs of aging on the face, becoming clear the lines of the lips and cheeks, sagging on the neck, the lubrication, the layer formation, sagging cheeks, and scars under the chin have occurred.

Factors Leading to Distortion of Facial Aesthetic 

Advancing age, genetic predisposition, gravity, an intensive direct contact with harmful sun rays, smoking, often gaining or losing weight , stressful lifestyle, intensive use of mimics, intensive computer use.

Which Aesthetic Surgery Procedures Can Be Applied with Face Lift Surgery ?

If there are other problematic regions other than patient’s face aesthetically, these problems can be combined and treated with the face lift process. Eyebrow lift, temporal lift, almond-eye surgery, eyelid surgery and cheek surgery are aesthetic procedures that are mostly combined with face lift, and also rhinoplasty and gonion surgery can be combined easily, if needed.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed ?

Patient should know that he/she must give up smoking after and before surgery for a while, if he/she is smoker. In the patient examination before the surgery, the disease-related information about the patient`s alcohol, smoking and the harmful substance abuse, hypertension, heart and blood vessels and liver is evaluated by a plastic surgeon. Surgical planning is made considering the severity of the deformation in patient’s face and neck, skin texture, bone structure, the amount and severity of lipoidosis, the level of sagging.

According to planning of face lift surgery, method of operation is determined. In addition to full face lift, mini face lift, and endoscopic face lift that are often applied and give promising results, different techniques are applied according to magnitude of deformation, the location where it occurs. Classic face lift surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. This operation that the pain is not felt ranges from 2 to 4 hours.

Operation is performed by entering from the cut formed until behind the ears and sideburn of hair in the line where ear and cheek are United, if necessary. Sagging skin causing aging is stretched, excess skin is removed, the excess amount of fat and muscle tissue which lost its firmness is removed, too. Surgical incision is sewn with special techniques, so that the scars become invisible. Doctors may put drain against the fluid accumulation in the operated area. As patient can be discharged at the same day, one day- hospitalization in the hospital may be considered necessary by cosmetic surgeon.

Endoscopic face lift surgery is performed with mini cameras in the cut opened to the scalp by observing the facial tissue. The neck lift procedure is done by entering from the mini cut opened behind the ears and under the chin.

What will happen during the Healing Process After Face Lift Surgery ?

The bandages that closed the surgical area are removed after the second day. Mild pain occurring after the operation is controlled with painkillers. If the drain is put, it is removed after second day. Sutures are removed on day 5 or 7 in average. Swelling and bruising on the face will gradually disappear after the 6th day.

The patient can return to work after a week. Complete healing and having a new face last for 2-3 weeks. Slight surgery scars can completely return to skin color after a year, and become invisible. Results are permanent and long lasting. Even in advanced ages, patient will have young, tight, stretched and natural-looking, impressive facial features.