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HIP Surgery

Kalça Estetiği

What kind of surgeries can be performed to beautify the shape of hips ?

The shape of hip can be more beautiful and tight with the liposuction, and also more feminine, youthful and tight hip appearance can be achieved with hip prostheses “gluteal implants”. In some patients, the combination of liposuction and hip prostheses surgery can provide a better outcome. In addition, hips can be shaped with “buttock lift” that is a classic method.



How hips can be shaped by liposuction ?

In liposuction process, not only fat is taken from the region had excess oil, but also fat injections are made in order to achieve the desired shape of the hip. Thus, the desired region becomes fuller, and other desired regions are also more narrow and shaped. The cuts are not made other than 2- 3 mm-cannula input in the liposuction surgery.

Kalça Estetiği - TransestDoes any scar remain after the hip prosthesis surgery?

Scar does not remain after the hip prosthesis surgery; the scars are both very small and in the invisible area.

In which situations is the hip tuck surgery be performed ?

It can be ensured that hips reach more tight and more shaped appearance by taking overly baggy skin and a part of the subcutaneous tissue with the hip tuck surgery. In the hip tuck surgery, methods such as liposuction and hip replacement (except very severe disfigurement) have taken the place of classic hip tuck surgery, because of a prominent scar hidden under the underwear.