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Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery


Liposuction is a process that provides to be taken the unwanted fat from specific regions such as abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms, jowls, cheeks and neck and provides that the body gets a more uniform shape.

Especially, in the last 10 years, it has been provided important technical advances in liposuction procedures. Nowadays, with the Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL), the tumescent technique and the super-wet technique, it has become possible that plastic surgeons have taken much better results in well-selected patients, and the patients have improved faster.

Even if any form of liposuction does not replace with diet and exercise, it is a quite effective and promising method in elimination of stubborn fat regions which do not respond to traditional weight loss methods.

Which regions are suitable for Liposuction?


It has become possible to take the fat accumulation in many regions such as in jowls, neck, upper and inner side of the arm, breast, chest, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, inner side of the knee, and back of the leg by the vacuum. However, it is used as complementary processes in other surgeries for body contour correction (tummy tack, breast reduction, etc.)

Liposuction is one of the surgical procedures which numerous legends have created about it. Nowadays, this method, which has undergone an evolutionary process in itself is applied in a highly secure manner by plastic surgeons and it has extremely low complication rate.

However, it should be noted that liposuction is not a weight loss method, is a body contouring procedure. With the plan about how many pounds you will lose after the surgery, to make liposuction is not true.

Of course, a liposuction procedure that is made in your waist region will be reduced your belt size, but it does not mean you’ ll lose the fat in large volumes and weight every time. If your skin elasticity is not good enough, and you have any folds in regions where the liposuction will be applied, or it is required to take too much fat, other surgical methods also need to apply in these regions. Here, the goal is the lack of sagging in your skin after liposuction. Meanwhile, in a footnote, your fat taken from your body can be used to be injected another location in your body. There is no a particular age group fort his process. If you do not have an obstacle for the surgery, it means you do not have an obstacle for liposuction process.

If the amount of fat to be planned to be taken or the width of the area to be taken is appropriate, liposuction process can be done under local anesthesia. Elastic corset will be dressed after the process immediately and it will be expected you to use it approximately 4-6 weeks. Here, our goal is to eliminate the gaps occurring under the skin after taking the fat, and to provide that the skin sticks to the surface in a healthy way. Some swelling and bruising in the area made the liposuction process is extremely natural. This condition will disappear quickly. Fat cells in our body do not increase numerically.

Fat that you have been taken will not come back, but you should note that the remaining fat cells have extremely high capacity to expand and you can face up with lubrication again, if you do not consider your other living conditions and your diet.

Liposuction procedure is done according to an application field and fat planned to be taken at varying times. It is usually a period of 1 hour for the abdominal region. It is possible to be discharged the same day after the application, but I suggest you spend that night in the hospital, if you have general anesthesia. You can return your daily work within a few days, even if the next day. There are One each self-soluble stitches on the cannula inlet hole and it heals without discernible scar.

How is Liposuction Surgery Performed ?

Liposuction, Your fat is collected by entering into 4-6 mm-small incisions with special cannula. There is a suture in these incisions and to take the sutures is not necessary. The incision is very small, the probability of remaining surgery scar is very difficult. During 6 weeks after the process, I will want you to wear corsets, because, a gap occurs after taking the fat under the skin, and our body fills the gaps with serum. The use of corset helps that your process quickly has disappeared. Again, after the 3th week, if you can make applications such as massage, LPG, lymphatic drainage, it will help you to speed up your circulation, and relaxes you more.

Things taken out of your body are not only fat, but also fat cells, and fat cells do not renew itself, also do not increase again numerically. However, oil storage capability of remaining fat cells is still present. If you continue the malnutrition, you can face up with the fat gains in the region taken fat. Of course, this amount of increase would be much less than your condition that has not been made the liposuction. If we did not use laser liposuction or VASER (Ultrasonic liposuction) in liposuction process, we can use the fat that we took in different parts of body needed. I often apply the fat filling taken to the cheeks, chin and hips.