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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is the most common in all plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty can enlarge or reduce the size of your nose, can change the shape of the nose tip or bridge of the nose, and can reduce the width of the nostrils or change the angle between your nose and upper lip. Also, it can change some inborn anomalies( deformity), and also help to solve some respiratory problems.

burun-estetgiWho are the Best Rhinoplasty Candidates?

Rhinoplasty beautifies your appearance , increase your self-confidence. However, you may not get an image matching with your ideal image one-to-one. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk will make the long-term speeches with you like a psychiatrist in order to understand your expectations fully before you decide for surgery. After she is fully familiar with you, she will decide if the surgery is necessary. If the surgery is necessary, she will decide which is best for you.

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who have a significant nasal deformities and want to improve. If you are healthy physically and your expectations are realistic, you may be a good candidate.

Rhinoplasty can be made to achieve aesthetic or reconstructive purposes, such as to correct congenital abnormalities or respiratory problems.

Age is a factor taken into consideration. Many surgeons prefer not to do any operation until completion of growth in young people. It is 15-17 years for girls, and is slightly later for men( 17-19 years). Dr. Ayşe Öztürk takes into consideration what young person really wants, not her/his father or mother. Also she considers teen’s social and emotional adjustment.

How Process Is Followed During Surgery Preparation?

Dr. Ayşe Oztürk will inform how you prepare for surgery, and tell about issues such as eating, drinking, smoking, taking some vitamins and drugs, or avoiding taking them. Fulfilling these recommendations carefully will help your surgery go smoothly.

Will I Have Pain After Surgery?

With nasal surgery done by modern techniques and postoperative care, our patients nearly do not have pain after the nasal surgery.

Is There Any Bruising or Swelling in My Eyes?

Bruising or swelling around your eyes are now minimal due to modern techniques applied. Application of cold compresses will reduce swelling and it will make you feel a little better. Most of the swelling and bruising situations will disappear within the first week.

During the first few days after surgery, usually a slight leak in the nostrils will occur, and you may feel very slight blockage in your nose during a few weeks. Towards the end of the week, all dressings and splints on your nose will be taken.

When will I be back to work?

Most patients with rhinoplasty stand up and walk around within two days, and they can return their school or work which is not very strenuous after a week from the surgery. However, to return the pace of your daily life will literally last a few weeks. About returning to your normal life your surgeon will explain in more detail. Generally, it will said that you should avoid high exercitional movement ( running, swimming, gymnastics, sex- any movement that will increase your blood pressure) for two and three weeks, protect your nose from blow and shock for 8 weeks, and avoid being rubbed and sun burn. When washing your hair and face, or applying makeup, please be polite and attentive.

When there is need, you can wear your contact lens, but the situation is different for glasses. After the removal of the splint in your nose, the feet of glasses should not fit on the back of the nose so far three months until your nose is completely healed.

Your surgeon will often call to control the improvement on your recovery during the first month after the surgery. If you have any extraordinary complaint between these examinations, or any problem about what you will do or not, do not hesitate to call your doctor.



After the aesthetic surgery, some of the patients do not feel themselves good for a while, and this is quite normal and understandable situation. Also, other group of patients is confident that this stage will be over. Day after day, your nose will begin to look better and your mood will be gradually better. After one or two weeks, finally you do not seem like having been surgery recently. However, the recovery is a process advancing slowly and gradually. Specifically, some little swellings including at the end of the nose may continue for months. The actual results of rhinoplasty may not emerge over a period of a year or longer.

At first, you may get some unexpected reactions from your family or friends. They say that they can not see a change in your nose, but the result will be revealed in a few weeks, and they will be surprised you.