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Dental Treatments

Teeth Bleaching

Many people want to have teeth that look white. Some people’s teeth are never completely white due to genetic factors. Some people’s teeth turn yellow over time with the effect of various internal and external factors. Yellowed teeth reveal a bad appearance both in terms of aesthetics and hygiene.

Hollywood Smile Design

Hollywood smile design is the rearrangement of the smile aesthetic of the person by arranging it with various methods after a holistic examination of many parameters in the smile profile. With the applications made in this context, color changes, form disorders, crowding problems that cause the person to experience aesthetic hesitations can be arranged; tooth and gum disease or tooth loss can be treated

Implant Treatment

A healthy mouth structure has a functional importance in a person’s daily life. Teeth are in a critical position for oral health. Individuals may encounter the problem of missing teeth due to different reasons. As a result, basic activities such as chewing and social life may be adversely affected.

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer applications; These are dental treatment procedures that cover the teeth by supporting them from various areas with various porcelain materials that are compatible with the natural tooth appearance. With this treatment method, cavities can be treated due to caries, tooth deficiencies or tooth or filling breakage, or it can be preferred in Hollywood smile design applications to change the color, shape and form features that may cause aesthetic anxiety in the natural appearance of the tooth.

Zirconium Coating

Zirconium is derived from the Persian word zargun. The word Zargun means dice (gold) and gun (color). It was first discovered in 1789 by heating some precious stones, thanks to the German scientist Martin Heinrich Klaproth. The symbol Zr in the periodic table is an element among the transition metals with atomic number 40.