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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair LossHair loss starts with the thinning hair and a small problem that can result in the loss of all hair. Hair loss can arise due to many different reasons. Healthy hair to Persons with loss of hair between 50-100 per day living, people having unhealthy hair of hair loss is more than this number. In addition to the hair loss seen in most men it can be seen in women

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss(androgenetik alopesi) is the most common type of hair loss in men and women. It affects %25 of men up to age 25, and %50 of men up to age 50.
Male pattern hair loss begins with the hair thinning, opening in the hair color, and later in the period, results in a permanent hair loss. For this reason, in the early stages it is very important to get an expert opinion.
In the haired region between the two ears in men, hair does not lose. In this way, we have a chance to do hair transplant to the balding areas


Female Pattern Hair Loss

In two of every five women, the sluggishness in hair and thining hair are seen.

Why are women losing their hair?
Hormonal imbalances
Malnutrition and Iron deficiency
Incorrect use of cosmetic products
Alcohol and smoking

In women who have male pattern hair loss, hair transplantation is the only and final solution. By FUE method, the problem is eliminated completely by taking the healthy hair in the nape individually, and transplanting to the balding and completely lost region one by one.

Things to be considered for healthy hair are the following ;

After washing your hair, rinse well
Pay attention to healthy eating.
Pay attention while you comb you hair, use of wrong brush can damage your hair.
Avoid having a blow dry every day.
Try to wash your hair with water at normal temperature, not with the hot water.
Do not dye your hair more than once a month.
Try to use herbal products in the choice of shampoo.
Use the chemical products such as hair gel without feding on the scalp and wash your hair definitely before going to bed.

Dandruff in Hair

Dandruff can be defined as drying and losing the haired scalp.

The reasons are the following ;
Allergic sensitivity
Hormonal imbalance
Exaggerated use of hair spray and hair gel.
Failure to rinse hair well.

Actually dandruff is a natural process, So it can not be eliminated completely. But it can be controlled. Shampoos including zinc pyrithione, salisylic acid, selenium sulfide, sulfur are usually used for treating dandruff. However, as apriority to take help of an expert is the right thing to do.

Becoming Greasy of Hair

In fact, there is nothing like greasy hair, oily one is skin, and this oil also makes oily the hair. While oil spreads rapidly in the straight hair, it spreads slowly in curly hair during the day. So, in the black race, the hair is mostly dry, while the Asian race has greasy hair a lot. If becoming greasy in the hair can not be eliminated, it can lead to the hair loss.

In this case, you should definitely take the help of an expert.

Ringworm (Alopecia Areata)

The reason of ringworm is not exactly known but, it is generally thought to be due to stress. Especially, it is seen in the region of haired scalp, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. Ringworm is not a contagious disease. There are various treatment methods. However, as a result of an expert assessment, the hair transplantation can be performed in the region with ringworm.


Hormones are very important factors in hair loss. Especially in women, menopause, menstrual irregularities and childbirth may lead to hair loss.

Male sex hormones which are been in both sexes, and majority of them are secreted by the shell part of the adrenal glands are called ANDROGENIC HORMONES. These are testosterone, androstenodione, and DHT. The hormone of DHT substantially comprises of the transformation of testosterone through enzyme 5- alphareductase in peripheral tissues. As hormone testosterone can become active, it is required to transform into the hormone DHT through enzyme 5- alphareductase. DHT shows its effect by binding to androgenreceptors in the hair follicles. DHT causes to he shortening of the life process of hair follicles.

Hair gradually weakens and becomes sparse. it is exactly unknown that some people are affected negatively, but some of them are not affected by these hormones.