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How Is Price Determıned In Hair Transplantation Operation?

The first question of the persons who want to have hair transplantation is: Would the area where hair is lost be covered completely in one session? The second question is: How much would this operation cost? There are many factors affecting the cost in hair transplantation operation. Factors such as the size of the hairless area, the amount of graft (hair follicles) needed, number of sessions, whether there is sufficient amount of graft in the nape area (area where hair is taken from), the method to be used in the operation are all factors that affect the hair transplantation cost. So the price of this operation varies according to the person. Besides, is another supportive treatment needed after the operation? If it is needed, the supportive treatment to be applied is determined. Following all these hair analyses, it is explained to the patient how the operation will be performed and what will be needed, and the price is given.

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